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Chat with Pat Bosco

This is the official chat transcript from November 02, 2010. It reads top-to-bottom.

Danny Unruh Welcome to the Chat with Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Pat Bosco! Please begin submitting your questions now.

Matt Marchesini asks:How do you see K-State's image expanding throughout the United States?

Pat Bosco a coordinated marketing approach that takes advantage of our athletic success and NBAF...measured..focused and strategic..

Annie Oliver asks:How can I continue to support K-State as a [very] young alumna? Since I will still be in school and unable to make an income, how will I be able to continue positive K-State support?

Pat Bosco wear k-state stuff in public,including a k-state plate on your car.... support elected office holders who support our school...say great things about your k-state experience to anyone who will listen..look for chances to recommend k-state to future an advocate for our in and day out..once a k-stater..always a k-stater...

Annie Oliver asks:Dr. Bosco, are you a bigger fan of Willie or the Powercat?

Pat Bosco that question makes me smile... knew willie from my first days at k-state..loved the approachability of the however the powercat today represents success...class and achievement ..both in athletics and in the class room..when making a personal a new hat..I look for k-state and the powercat...and of course purple...

Danny Unruh We are halfway through the chat! Keep the questions coming... Dr. Bosco is here till 6!

Annie Oliver asks:Will you be attending tonight's first basketball game?

Pat Bosco yes....just like everyone else I am overjoyed by the expectations of this year's mbb team..

Tyler Sharp asks:How do you feel the new K-State Welcome Center will help with recruiting new students?

Pat Bosco we need a space that speaks to the k-state our alumni center...limestone...under stated class..purple..high tech...can you imagine meeting prospective students in a building where the restrooms do not smell?...the interview room walls are not made of fake wood paneling?....where we are not meeting with parents and high school seniors in the hallways of anderson?..when families can only look down the hall and see our current students preparing for the world of work... we have set record enrollments over the past 25 years...inspite of the first impressions concerns that have been expressed by our visitors...we deserve better..and we will get it in the proposed welcome center...

Hannah Miller asks:What is the biggest challenge that you foresee for KSU within the next year?

Pat Bosco affordability for our is the number one reason student leave our school or cannot attend..

Annie Oliver asks:Sitting at the Cabinet dinner! -Heather would like to know if you like Joe Gull (sp?) -Kaydee wants to know if you dressed up for Halloween? -We all want to know, if you could improve one thing about K-State what would it be?

Pat Bosco love the creativity of that guy..he sent me his newest recording just yesterday..I sent it on to lots of k-staters...some older than me!!! just read 200 hand written notes from today's leadership class.."dear dean bosco letters'....the only negative comments were about k-state teachers who cannot communicate to our students...we deserve better..

Matt Marchesini asks:How would you compare the student experience at K-State now versus when you were here for school?

Pat Bosco more diversity...better football...more expensive...more high tech.. same "feel"...same care from a great many of our faculty and staff..same "ownership" as then lots of people wearing purple everyday..

Danny Unruh Thank you to everyone who participated in today's online chat. And, special thanks to Dr. Bosco for taking the time to chat with us today. It was very insightful and interesting. Have a great evening, and Go State!

Matthew James asks:The new Welcome Center will be a great addition to campus; however, it will displace the Purple Masque Theatre. What are likely sources of funds to transition the theater from East to West Stadium?

Pat Bosco nothing will be done on the east side without a home for our purple masque...funds will be identified..this is along standing academic program that means a great deal to our school..funds maybe a combination of university,private and possible state(and why not)