Kansas State University

If you have questions about the NCAA Certification Self-Study, e-mail .

  • NCAA Certification Self-Study

    March 15, 2010

  • Appoint committee members

    July-August 2010

  • Open meetings

    September 2010

  • Provide your input

    September 2010-January 2011

  • Draft reports reviewed

    January and February 2011

  • Gather feedback

    March 2011

  • Comprehensive report drafted

    March 2011

  • Final report review

    April 2011

  • Submit final report

    April 29, 2011

  • Report review

    May-Aug. 15, 2011

  • Outcome

    August 2011

Provide your input

Please provide your input about our successes as well as areas for improvement for the following areas. You may respond to one or more areas.

If you have questions or would like a direct response, email us at

The information you provide will be given to the corresponding subcommittee.

The subcommittees meet regularly to gather data, respond to the self-study items, evaluate findings, identify conformity or any deficiencies with regard to operating principles and prepare the draft report and recommendations for institutional plan for improvement.

The Steering Committee meets monthly to review and monitor progress of the subcommittees.