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This is the official chat transcript from November 17, 2010. It reads top-to-bottom.

Ask Willie Welcome to the Ask Willie chat. If you have some questions you’d like to get answered before the Thanksgiving break, this is your chance. Your eID will not be displayed publically during this chat for your privacy. Remember if a sensitive question is asked, the staff may choose to respond to the question privately in email following the chat. Now, what questions do you have.

Anonymous asks:I'm depressed becasue of my grades. Who should I talk to?

Ask Willie Counseling Services is a great service here to help students who are feeling depressed or if you are struggling with stress, relationships, family concerns, and/or academic/career questions Counseling Services can help you clarify the problems, identify resources, and expand your options. Visit their website at to find out how you can make a free appointment. You can also talk to your academic advisor about your concerns to see what you can do to work to improve next semester.

Anonymous asks:When do the residence halls close for Thanksgiving break?

Ask Willie With the week-long break for Thanksgiving this year, the Residence Halls will be closing at noon on Saturday, November 20, and remain closed until 1 p.m. on Sunday, November 28. After finals, the Residence Halls will close at noon on Saturday, December 18. They will reopen for the spring semester at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.

Anonymous asks:When do classes start for the spring semester?

Ask Willie This spring, classes will be starting after the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The first day of class will be Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

Anonymous asks:Why does the university expect students to be in class while we are hosting major athletic events?

Ask Willie I can't speak for the entire university, but in my opinion the purpose of K-State is to focus on the academic success of every student and that can't take a back seat to athletic events or other extra-curricular activities that are a great part of the university experience but not essential to the academic success of students.

Anonymous asks:how do i get plugged in on campus? i live in the residence halls, and k-state doesn't feel very much like home.

Ask Willie First, talk to your RA or MA. They are a great resource for getting plugged in and helping you settle into your residence hall. It's also important to find something that you're interested in and get involved. There are over 400 student organizations to get involved with or you can start your own if you have a unique passion. Check with the Office of Student Activities and Services about how to contact an organization. Additionally, serving in the community is a great way to feel connected to both campus and the Manhattan community. There are many ways you can volunteer (

Anonymous asks:What are the "SafeZone" signs that I see some places on campus? What are some places I can find them?

Ask Willie The SafeZone program (Students, Administrators and Faculty for Equality) was created to easily identify persons, programs, and services that have made a special commitment to enhancing the quality of the K-State environment. Their website,, provides an explanation of the signs and a directory of the offices on campus that a part of the program.

Anonymous asks:I'm looking for a part-time job for the spring semester. I want to start searching for one but I don't know where to look.

Ask Willie The best listing of part-time jobs is available on the Career and Employment Services website at Check out other great information about internships, full-time opportunities or writing your resume.

Anonymous asks:Is dead week a real thing?

Ask Willie I'm assuming by "dead week" you are meaning the week before final examinations known as "Prep Week." The actual policy regarding this week is available on the registrar's website at:

Anonymous asks:I'm not sure, even after talking to my advisor, about whether I should take 18 hours of "easier" classes or keep it back at 15. Any suggestions?

Ask Willie This is a question you'll have to answer for your self but its good to get as much information as you can. You might consider asking another instructor or student in the same program to see what advice they would have. You also want to consider what kind of help in the form of tutors or other assistance you can receive from the Academic Assistance Center at Finally, keep in mind how many hours you took this semester and how you've been able to manage that. You want to find a good balance of coursework and other activities that will allow you to make progress towards your degree without feeling burned out.

Anonymous asks:Is everything at Lafene free?

Ask Willie Part of the Student Health Fee that every student pays allows for a student to see a healthcare provider free of charge. However, students needing ancillary (other) services or procedures such as laboratory tests, x-rays, physical therapy treatments, medications or medical supplies will be assessed a charge, customarily much less than you would have to pay in the general community.

Ask Willie There’s 30 minutes left in our chat, still plenty of time left to answer your questions. Is there anything we haven’t talked about yet?

Anonymous asks:My roommate in the dorms is driving me insane, and my RA takes her side and thinks we should keep "working it out." What can I do?

Ask Willie Its important to try and work through all situations, however its most important to look out for your own well-being and academic success. If you want to talk to someone else, make an appointment with your Residence Life Coordinator or Assistant Residence Life Coordinator to discuss the situation. If you want to talk to someone outside of Housing and Dining you can talk to someone in Counseling Services or the Office of Student Life.

Ask Willie Want to go to a K-State basketball game this season? Student passes are sold out for men’s basketball this season but you can still purchase student tickets for the UNLV game at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. UNLV tickets are available for just $10 through the ticket office. And don’t forget students, with your student ID you can get in free to watch the women’s basketball team who just upset the 14th ranked St. John’s team this weekend.

Ask Willie That’s all the time we have for today. If you come up with more questions this week or as you travel over the holiday break, remember you can ask questions on our website at or by emailing them to Enjoy the Thanksgiving break!

Ask Willie Remember, if you didn't see the answer to your question, scroll down through the chat as some of them have displayed out of order.